A Shared Commitment to Beat Covid-19 in Kansas

The Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) and the Kansas Leadership Center (KLC) are partnering to end the COVID-19 pandemic with the help of community partners like you.

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The Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) and the Kansas Leadership Center (KLC) are partnering to end the COVID-19 pandemic with the help of community partners like you. Last year, KLC rallied more than 7000 diverse Kansans to meet and design action projects in their communities to slow the spread of this terrible virus. Now, it’s time to finish the job. We believe 1000 locally designed action projects can help make this a reality in 2021.

Why This Initiative Was Created

The challenge of curbing this horrible virus is daunting. However, with the arrival of vaccination options and the commitment of Kansans to model behaviors that slow the spread of COVID-19, there is an end in sight. That end to the pandemic won’t come by simply waiting. It will require mobilizing Kansans to continue to generate local, community-based solutions. That’s where partners like you come in.

As a concerned Kansan we are simply asking you to use the skills and influence you already have with the people you already know to help your community try creative things to end the threat of COVID-19. With our 2020 efforts, more than 300,000 people were impacted by Kansas Beats the Virus projects. And while we won’t claim all the credit, in the weeks right after our 2020 effort, rates of infection in Kansas dropped dramatically in comparison to neighboring states! Now, we must be flexible enough to continue to work on new challenges, such as vaccine hesitancy. The big idea is that 10,000 Kansans coming together for another 1000 action projects will help put the pandemic behind us.

Whether you run a non-profit, a business or are just a concerned individual, you are a part of this work. This is possibly the biggest challenge of our lifetime. We need many voices from all over the state coming up with amazing ideas to energize our fellow Kansans. In 2021, we won’t aim to hit 1000 projects in just six weeks. Instead, we will approach the work in a series. Our first target, for instance, is vaccinating the “movable middle.” Once a target need is identified, it starts with one meeting and one great project and cascades from there. This work will look different for every group, but read on for some structure that will help you be a part of this bold endeavor.

What The Work Looks Like

Our ask is simple: Commit to be a community partner, or sign up to be a convener of just one team, to help Kansans design local action projects to end the pandemic!

What’s that? You’ve already signed up on the site and gotten this far? We had you at “hello?”

Excellent! Let’s get to the details.

The work in 2021 may be harder as rates of infection decrease or level off and the desire for normalcy grows. But we know if we don’t stay committed to helping communities eliminate this virus, another deadly wave of infections is possible. So, we’re not waiting. KLC has created this new initiative to be nimble and responsive. We imagine the work coming in several phases during 2021. Each phase (lasting a month or two) focuses on specific needs or issues preventing Kansas from ending the pandemic. Our current focus is to encourage vaccination and testing.

KLC will partner with KDHE to be proactive throughout the year identifying the needs. Your job is to be prepared to jump into action mobilizing Kansans for local action projects. That starts by partnering with KLC to create a pool of meeting conveners ready to mobilize others.

More details below, but here’s the bottom line. Let’s create networks ready for action around the tough challenges this pandemic keeps throwing our way!

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